Bess Streeter Aldrich writes in Lantern in Her Hand about the years Abby Deal could still hear her children playing and laughing in the poplar trees long after they had become successful adults and no longer home with her. They dismissed her as senile and living in the past.
I know what Abby Deal was thinking and especially at Christmas time, I can see the group of town kids, followed by their dogs, riding their bikes around town and some of them just running, always in a hurry to see what was happening. Most of them ended up sooner or later at our house on South Martin.
The Court House lawn was a special place at Christmas time. There was a nativity scene on the grass and Danny and his pal David Werner came running home and said Uncle Heiny (who was county sheriff) told them to stop riding on the camels. All the old pine trees were decorated with big multicolored bulbs, none of those tiny lights then. On the very top of the courthouse was a star. .
It was a special night when Mickey and his pals came running in the back door, slamming it behind them, shouting, “Mom the Christmas lights are on.” Then they knew it was really time to start behaving themselves if they wanted anything for Christmas. Believe it or not they weren’t any better behaved at Christmas than any other time of year, but how I loved them all. Kyle, Mark, Troop, Joe, Mick, Danny, Tim, and Tony. That’s just a few of the names. Sandy was much too nice to run with this bunch. She and cousin Terri just couldn’t wait for Danny, Mick, and Janis to grow up and quit embarrassing them.
Was Abby Deal really senile? If she was, then so am I. I wouldn’t give up these memories for all the money in the world.

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