The 1980s began our life in an empty nest becoming full of new life with Grandchildren.

The world lost John Lennon to an assassin in 1980.

Attempted assassinations were made on the Pope and President Reagan in 1981 and a new plague called AIDS was introduced to our country.

Every little girl wanted a cabbage patch doll for Christmas in 1983.

School children were learning that a teacher was on the space shuttle Challenger when it blew up in the sky for everyone to see in 1986.

Some of the movies we watched were ET and BACK TO THE FUTURE.

In 1989 The Berlin wall fell. We were all hopeful for the world.

Meanwhile we added grandchildren for our granddaughter Anna to play with: Ben in 81, Phil and Renee in 83,David in 84, Jamey in 85. So by the end of 1980 our house was full again at Christmas time.

Max and I began working on our bucket list to do all the things we had put off during the working years.

We made out first plane trip to Las Vegas, traveled to Yellowstone Park following the Oregon Trail with our camper.

We went to Arizona and stayed in Bull Head City and rode the boats over the border to Laughlin, Nevada to play the slot machines, then vistited Lee and Marge Northrop in Phoenix on our way home.

We spent some time boating and fishing at several lakes in Nebraska and Kansas.

We spent time at a lake in Minnesota and returned to The Black Hills where we spent our honeymoon in 1950. We vacationed at Holiday Island in Arkansas as guests if we could put up with a sales pitch to buy real estate. (Everybody does that at least once, don’t they?)

In the fall of 1989 we took the trip I really enjoyed. We traveled to Colorado and rode the Durango Silverton railroad. We visited the Grand Canyon and then went to Laughlin, Nevada to try our luck at the slot machines.

We both still held part time jobs. I worked in the pharmacy and Max took care of the city park.

Most of the time was just spent in the day to day things that we don’t appreciate enough. Every day is really a gift. We should enjoy it more. Time seems to go faster every year.

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