I have learned so much from my children and grandchildren. 

I would not be on wordpress right now if not for the computer knowledge I learned from them..

I have learned to love different kinds of music and only tolerate some.

I learned that having animals in the house is not unsanitary and teaches you a lot of love.

The list is endless.

Now, I have had many regrets in my life.  Raising children is not an easy job.  They often want exactly what is not best for them.  I didn’t give them everything they asked for and I am sorry for some of them.

There is one thing I did give them and I have never regretted. 

We took them fishing and camping and taught them to love the outdoors.  Most of the time it was in Nebraska and close to home.  They learned about respecting the environment and watched other people who did the opposite.  We had a lot of laughs watching fellow campers who didn’t know what they were doing.  One fairly large group at the Chadron State Park spent all their time playing cards and drinking beer while this old Grandma did all the work.  I swore I would never do that.  

That was always my favorite time of year when I could quite selfishly have my family to myself and not share them with anyone else.   I doubt anyone could do this now as everyone seems to have a smart phone attached to their body. 

I hope that these outdoor experiences have instilled a love of nature to these kids. 



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