Christmas Letter


It is time for my 83rd Christmas.

I am fortunate for all my friends and family.  They mean everything to me.

My children are near me in Clay Center, Sutton and Hastings.  I can’t believe they are talking of retirement.  Just yesterday they were fighting in the backseat when Max and I took them on vacations.

My grandchildren are all grown up too.  The oldest, Anna lives in Sutton with her daughter,  the joy of all our lives.  Madison is in the first grade and has just turned seven.  Ben is moving to Lincoln as a promotion working for Anderson Ford.  Phil is in Kearney with Verizon and is also working to complete his degree.  Jamey is marrried to Shanda and they are expecting their first child in May.  We are all delighted.  Jamey is working for Anderson Ford in Grand Island and also is working on his degree in Education.  He lives in Hastings. The youngest grandchild, Caleb will graduate from Vassar college in New York in May.  It is hard to tell where he will end up at.     I am sure he will continue with his education.  He really likes international relations and will probably end up in many different countries. Renee is a nurse in pediatrics at Madonna in Lincoln.  She is with Adam and his 3 children that Renee loves very much.  They are my great grandchildren too.  David is in Lincoln with Megan and her daughter.  They are a family too.  Families are complicated these days, but they are just as loving anyway.  At least to this grandma.

I am still living in my own home, but every time something breaks I am ready to downsize.  I spend my time on facebook and have just acquired a kindle,so I am reading a lot. 

I am hoping someone has a little faith in Clay Center and starts a business.  It is difficult to exist in a town where you can’t even get a plumber. 

I have had a good year and hope yours is good as well.

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