I am just sitting here enjoying the break in the heat and realized I really need a CAUSE to get my mind ready for the change of seasons.


Nothing gets me talking like something to get my town more attractive to people looking for a place to live.  Commuting is very common and Clay Center is near many places of employment.


The first thing people look at is the town that is good for their kids.

We have excellent schools to choose from, most have bus service.  All stress academics first and have excellent sports programs and the arts.


We have a really great park and public library. 


The one thing we have now but is really showing its age is a swimming pool.

Now I know it would cost a lot of money, but it would add so much to attracting new residents.

My thought is a regulation Olympic size pool that would attract swim meets from all over the area.  Most cities are building water parks, which are fun but can’t be used for swim teams.

Many of the schools are now considering adding swimming to their activities.  Our golf course is used by Sandy Creek.  Why not a swimming pool.  Swimming is one of the best fitness forms known.  It sure beats sitting and playing video games.  We will be seeing more schools offering swimming in the near future.  Swimming is a sport that begins in infancy and goes on to old age.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t keep the mind young. 


All I ever seem to hear is complaints about losing our school.  It is changed but it is still our school.  If we don’t do something to make our town useful to the school we will lose what we already have.  Teachers have to live somewhere, why not here.  There is more talk of getting everything at the Sandy Creek campus which I won’t get into, we need to offer something here and elect a school board that will sell Clay Center and quit fighting with the other towns.


We seem to always be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to getting something that would really help.


It’s time to stand up for something before we say “The last one out of town, turn off the lights”.

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