Christmas Memory


There has been many a memory related while watching the historic buildings downtown demolished.

I came to Clay Center in 1950 when Larry McLaughlin had a furniture store in one building. We bought our first furniture from him to furnish our first apartment.

June Nieman was still in the drug store at that time. Later I remember several owners.

I worked for Bill Corkle and Gordon Ockinga in the pharmacy.

My favorite memory happened in about 1960. Mr. and Mrs McKay owned the drug store. Mrs. McKay always decorated the window with merchandise.

It was Christmas and Sandy was little. She always walked home from school and stopped to see what was in the window.

One day she told me there was a baby doll in the window that looked just like a real baby.

When I went into the store Mrs. McKay said that my little girl stopped every day on her way home and asked Mrs McKay if she could hold the baby and she would get it out of the window and let Sandy hold it.

I asked Mrs. McKay to hold it for me til payday and I would get it for Christmas.

Sandy was so disappointed when the baby was gone. We decided someone bought it and they would get another one.

Sandy was overjoyed when it was under the Christmas tree.

It was just a floppy baby doll. It didn’t talk or do anything like so many later dolls that every little girl thought she had to have.

Sandy grew up and had a little girl of her own. She got out the old doll and had someone make a new body. A lot of its hair was gone. Anna loved the old doll too and she named it Cody. She must have decided it was a boy. Mike made a cradle for the doll at Christmas.

Now Anna has her own little girl, but she likes Barbies and monster dolls and is way too busy to rock a baby. I guess that is a sign of the times.

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