THE 70s


THE 70s


The 70s began with protests and the Kent State shootings.

The VCR was invented, MASH was the popular show on TV. Terrorists attacked the Olympic Games in Munich. Abortion was legalized and we pulled out of Vietnam. In 1974 President Nixon resigned. Microsoft was founded Elvis Presley was found dead in1977. In 1979 Iran took Americans hostage in Tehran.


The 70s were the days of watching my 3 kids grow up to adulthood. They got drivers licenses. Danny registered for the draft when he turned 18 . Their High School years were filled with changes. The music was sometimes earsplitting Alice Cooper and then there were The Carpenters to quiet it down a bit. Mick sometimes played his trombone to one of our old records and then broke into the Nebraska Fight song or Boomer Sooner. Danny was always working on someones car. Sandy was old beyond her years and married right out of High School.


I worked at school for a few years, substituting and aiding teachers. Clay Center seemed to be thriving. Drs. Kim Chi and Voung practiced medicine. A doctor in town brought a new pharmacist. I worked for Bill Corkle in the old Nieman drug store and later for Gordon Ockinga. I discovered that I really liked the day to day experience with the public. The North Side of the square had businesses in every building. I don’t know if anyone realizes how difficult it is to see the ruins when we remember what it used to be.


Sandy graduated in 1972 and married Mike in June. So now the family grew by one. Danny graduated in 1974, went to Central Tech school and became a mechanic at Friesens in Sutton. Then later at the Meat animal research center in the automotive shop. Mick graduated in 1977 worked for the city for a short time, then at the Meat animal research center with heavy equipment, then became a lineman for REA.


In 1977 Sandy and Mike gave us our first grandchild. Anna was just the beginning of life as grandparents.


In 1979 Max retired from the post office and the empty nest years began. Lo and behold he threw away the last beer can out of the house and for the rest of his life never had another one. We had some good years letting the kids go and have a life of our own.


Thanks for reading. It’s sometimes fun and sometimes not so fun to bring up the past.



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