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Lois’s Christmas Letter


This is the season for the annual brag letter to inform everybody that my family has surpassed all my friends and family in all achievements in 2011.


I will begin with myself, who turned 81 years this year. I have accomplished the fact that I woke up each morning and was able to walk and breath. My federal pension check and Social Security checks remained the same, so I am not any better or worse off financially than I was last year. However I am much richer than I have ever been because I have made new friends and added one member to the family, Grandson Jamey married Shanda Steiger.


My children are all still friendly with me since I have not a great deal of money for them to fight over and they value me better alive than dead. They are great kids, youngsters whose birthdays this year bring them to the ripe old age of 57, 55, and 52. Sandy, a busy wife, grandmother and parttime librarian, Danny, a mechanic at the Meat Animal Research Center, Mick after 35 years with REA has a new job at Verizon.


My children have given me seven grandchildren who bring me much joy. They have all accomplished a great deal. The oldest, Anna, finished her associates degree in information technology (a computer nerd), Ben is a US Cellular manager and is near getting his degree from Doane at Grand Island, Phil is a salesman for Verizon and has a dj business. Renee is a registered nurse at Madonna Care Center. David is a certified GM mechanic at Friesens Chevrolet. Jamey is a salesman at Video Kingdom and a para at an elementary school and is pursuing a teaching degree. His wife Shanda is a registered nurse at Good Samaritan. Caleb is a sophomore at Vassar College in New York. He was an exchange student in Germany one year and traveled there twice, once on a work study. He will spend next spring semester in Brazil.


Last, but not least is Great Granddaughter, Madison who turns 5 this week. She is full of energy and learns something new every day. She and her mom, Anna are working hard at Sutton. It’s tough but they are doing great taking care of themselves.


I look at life as a glass half full instead of half empty. It is a lot easier to laugh than cry. Each day is a blessing.





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