Sometimes I wonder why I watch the news on TV.


They tell me everything is just gloom and doom and tomorrow will be worse. Depression is sure to be around the corner and everybody hates someone. The democrats say lets spend, the republicans say we must cut taxes. The democrats say tax the rich guy. The republicans say the rich guy creates the jobs.


Draw your own conclusions.


I have decided to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.


Here is my list for starting the day.


  1. I got up this morning and I am alive.
  2. The hummingbirds are here and they love my feeder.
  3. The sun is shining.
  4. I don’t have to worry about going to work.
  5. Noone called me and tried to get money out of me with the latest scam. I am ready for them if they try.
  6. No earthquake here.
  7. No hurricane here.
  8. The Big Red won their game Saturday.
  9. My family loves me and I love them back.
  10. I’m from NEBRASKA and I’m proud of it. I vow to make no complaints about the potholes, the weather, the football team, the big 10, heavy metal music,politics; at least for today.
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Your decision to make a change in your career reminded me of a time in my life when my dad, Dave Friesen made such a decision at a time when the whole world was changing.

He was 43 years old and had four children still in school. The youngest was in the sixth grade and the oldest was a junior in high school.

He had been teaching junior high all his married life when Grandpa Tessman decided he had enough of farming and moved to town.

He was still farming with horses and the house had no electricity.

We 4 kids were really ready to move to the country where we always had so much fun at Grandma’s house. However it was not an easy decision for our mom, who did not look forward to farm life.

The move put us in the Hampton school district and we were looking forward to all these new friends.

Norma and I went to a one room schoolhouse near our home. Max and Jerry detasseled corn that summer and bought a model A with their earnings.

We rollerskated in the haymow, had a farm full of kittens, and got to know the neighbors. We had a neighborhood 4H club. The first year we still had a huge threshing crew to harvest the wheat. I was lucky to have two brothers to do the boy work, so I didn’t have to be in the field.

After the first summer Dad was able to buy a small tractor and get rid of the horses. He was always ready to try something new. Grandpa Tessman cried buckets when he sold the horses.

Those were my growing up years. Farm prices were good because of the war.

High School in Hampton was great. We always had a championship basketball team and the trip to Lincoln was like a trip to New York.

We had a telephone on the wall and our ring was four longs. Everybody on the party line listened in.

On Saturday night Norma and I would hope the phone would ring to ask us out to go to a movie. We went to a lot of movies. We listened to the radio a lot too. Our radio was operated by a huge car battery. As we got older cars had radios and we listened to some station from Clint Texas and another from Oklahoma. They had the latest hits. We also sat in the cafe called the corner (I don’t know if that was really its name or we just called it that). There was a new place Darleens Place where we could listen to the juke box.

All in all Dad’s decision was a very good one. It was a great way to grow up.

I know your decision is a good one too. Everything changes and we have to be ready to follow the trends and lead a few too. Good Luck

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